S. Gotelli California  writes

My heartfelt thanks for providing a great product. I met you both at Wingding in Grapevine Texas. Once I saw your product I know I had to give it a try. I use a voice-activated system name the autocomm. Itís the same intercom/audio system used by several   professional motorcycle racers. Even though I had repeatedy adjusted the sensitivity of the Autocomm to accommodate the extremely windy conditions that I live and ride in I just couldnít get it to stop triggering my audio system in high winds. Your product was the key. I know ride in audio comfort and can highly recommend your product to anyone. I can only imagine how great it must work with key-activated audio/intercom systems. Great job on developing this product!

In appreciation

S. Gotelli, Antioch California 

PS: I travel from Grapevine Texas back to Antioch California where I live and really put your product to the test. Interstate 5 heading north is notoriously windy and your product performed flawlessly!

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