Mr Phillips writes:

Dear Linda

I would like to thank you very much for sending both the Windsock Wind deflectors. As it  turn out. The WD#10 fit my windsock perfectly. I would also like to thank you for sending them in time for the trip that I spoke to you about. My friends and I departed the morning of June 26th and return to Ft, Worth on July 4th. We reached up 3,500 miles traveling through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona and back to Texas .We saw some incredible sights in Utah as none of us had never been to that state before. The coolest thing for me was being able to chat up a storm on my new CB radio system that I installed on my Vulcan Nomad prior to the trip. My closest friend and riding buddy who drives   a   Gold Wing. When we got together just prior to the trip to “road check” our communications, I was disappointed to discover that he could hardly understand me at high speeds due to the wind sock noise . Since my buddy had the opportunity to hear my system both before your product and also after, we are please to tell you that it reduces the wind noise by a solid 90%! Another friend of ours who accompanied us on the trip was using a CB system identical to mine. He did not have your product for his microphone. We were hardly able to distinguish most of what he had to say over the CB for the whole trip. Needless to say, he was forced to do more listing that talking because he got tired of  hearing us say to him “WHAT!COULDN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!  SAY IT AGAIN!” The CB system that he was using had been borrowed. The owner of that system will be getting in touch with you soon so he can enjoy windless conversations. In fact , a lot of my Gold Wing buddies will be reducing the size of there current  microphones wind sock without increasing the noise levels , by using your product with smaller wind socks.


Your product is so simple yet extremely effective. I’ve been biking for years and never was interested in having communications. Doing so has added another dimension of pleasure. Your product made this trip even better as far as that is concerned.


Thank You very Much

Mr Phillips

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